About Collies

Thinking about adopting a collie?

Collies are amazing, loving, and resilient creatures.  While many have common traits, each is unique and may have unique needs.  At Collie Rescue, Inc., we do our best to match a potential adopter with the right dog to give the best match possible.

Collies are a herding breed.  As such, they are happy by having a job!  They have moderate exercise requirements and are not, typically, considered a high energy dog.  They can be somewhat independent, but enjoy being around their people.  While collies are good with children, they can exhibit their herding behaviors with children at play – specifically chasing and nipping.  Nipping should not be confused with biting!  Collies also love to be vocal and bark.

Collie by the Gulf

Collies come in both rough and smooth coated varieties.  There are also four primary colors of collie dogs: sable (mostly tan and white), tri-color (predominantly black with tan and white markings), blue merle (predominantly gray with white and black markings), and white.  White collies can have non-dominant markings of sable, tri-color, or blue merle.  Regardless of their variety and color, collies do shed and will require regular grooming.

They are very intelligent and many can learn many types of activities, from herding to tracking to agility.  Each dog will have certain aptitudes, attitudes, and energy level.  We recommend being patient to find a collie dog that will work best with your lifestyle – and whose life you can make whole.

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