Our Process

Ready to Adopt?

It is Collie Rescue, Inc.’s responsibility to place the animals that we rescue into an environment compatible with their needs, and to ensure that their adoption is in the best interest of both the adopter and the animal.

Adopting an animal is a SERIOUS commitment. Animals may take several weeks to months to settle into their new environment. They cost money and require lots of attention and love, so we ask that you please seriously consider your decision to adopt before submitting an application. We highly suggest that you research what is best for you and plan to participate in a training course, so that the adoption experience is a positive and lasting one for you and your new animal companion.

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Apply Online

If you feel like you can take on the commitment and provide a loving home, fill out our online application. Please inform your vet that you are applying to adopt a dog and give permission for them to disclose information to facilitate the reference process.


Our volunteer adoption coordinators evaluate your application and follow up within 10 business days if they feel that Collie Rescue, Inc. currently has a dog who may be a good match with you.

Reference Checks

If there may be a good match, our coordinators may check veterinary references, if applicable, and verify home ownership or contact your landlord for rental properties.


If there may be a good match, you will receive a call and a more extensive interview will take place. At that time, you can also ask us about our process and adoptable dogs.  Once a tentative match is made, you will have a deeper conversation with the dog's current foster parents to ensure a good match for all.

Meet & Greet

We will coordinate a meeting with you and the adoptable dog.  If you already have a dog, you must bring that dog (or dogs) to meet ours. We feel that getting to know our adopters (and their pets) results in a better placement for both the pet and the families!

Home Visit

After the Meet & Greet, our adoption coordinator schedules a mutually agreeable time to conduct a home visit.  The home visit is typically done in person but may be scheduled as a video call if necessary.


Once we mutually agree that you and the dog are a good match, you return to the foster's home, sign our adoption contract, and adopt the dog. We do not ship dogs.  Upon placement, we will provide information on each pet’s history.


We follow up with each new adopter to offer assistance during the adjustment period. We want each of our animals to find the right home for them, not just any home. Likewise, we want our adopters to find the pet who best matches their lifestyle and interests. If for any reason the match is not perfect, as we had hoped, the dog must be returned to our organization.